YouTube finally opt for the desktop version of material design after testing it for over 1 year. As per YouTube saying on new material design upgrade that the design is more focused on three primary principles first one is straightforward design so a user can see everything clearly and quickly, the second principal is consistency and the third one was to make it more beautiful in look something pleasant to eyes.

The material design was firstly used in the Android 5.0 version to make all of the components better in look and feel. YouTube new design is made using a framework named: polymer framework which focuses on creating material design style applications is a JavaScript library used to create web components. One of the main advantages of polymer structure is it is faster in speed.

The newly opted material design brought new features like infinite scrolling of videos, and on the user profile page, a larger background video also is added. Also, users can insert the banner on the profile based on the type of user either it is a desktop, laptop or a mobile user.

When you enable the YouTube dark theme, the whole YouTube goes black and also, the search bar at the top of the page also turns black to match the rest of the black layout.

How to opt into YouTube’s Material Design preview:

Step1: Navigate to to reach out to the site which is using material design.

Step2: Your profile icon located on the top right of the screen and click on it after clicking on it will see an option which is “Dark theme” now you either select it ON /OFF.

Step3: When you choose ON the YouTube dark theme, gets activated, and when you click the OFF option then the black style gets rolled out, and the user is back to the standard design.

The new material design is not available automatically for everyone instead you need to follow the steps mentioned above to experience the new material design. YouTube new design is upgraded to only 1% of the YouTube users right now, and YouTube is slowly updating the new concept to selected users every week without downgrading the website.

YouTube is offering feedback from their users about this newly added feature. If any user has recommendations to give then you can leave feedback via navigating to your account and finding a link that is: Send comments.