Youtube go app is the new video streaming app of youtube has been launched by tech giant google to tackle the slow internet services which 60% of Indians face.Currently, more than half percent of the Indian population have access to slow mobile internet services so if anyone wants to run youtube videos faces this problem of slow youtube video watching. Tech giant google has formally launched a new youtube mobile app which is beta version for Indian market only to remove this problem.

By using this new youtube go app users can now watch videos in basic quality, as well as high quality, depend upon which option they choose when the popup opens when they run the video on youtube through this app. The new youtube app named Youtube go app gives the feature to either watch the video in any of the standard or high quality or else they can download the video in any of the quality mentioned above for offline view later on.

The main purpose of google youtube go app is to reduce the data consumption. And users can share any video through this app with any of their friends whom they want to share with.

Features of youtube go app:

  1. Trending or popular videos on the home screen of the app: users will get the latest trending or popular videos on their home screen which are currently trending or popular in their area or community where they live.
  2. See the thumbnail of video before save or watch: youtube go gives users the feature to click on the video and a thumbnail image will show up which gives them the sense of what is the video is going to be about before they watch or save it for offline view.
  3. Choose standard quality or high-quality resolution: when the thumbnail popups up it will give you an option to either watch the video in basic quality or high quality and same for download as well.
  4. Share videos with your relatives/ friends anytime who are nearby: Youtube go give you an option to share any video with your friends without using any data . all the videos can be shared/ send/receive with your friends in a matter of seconds with this new app.

We are very thankful to google for building and launching this video app for Indian market where people generally faces slow internet problems or gets basic data package at high prices.

The YouTube Go beta is available to download now on the Play Store in India.