”The only man i will ever envy is the man who wins your heart, and i will always believe it was my destiny to be that man.”

”Whether we’re together or apart, you will always be the woman of my life.”

”I had no right to judge her. If i choose to stay with her, knowing the risks, all i could do was give her love and respect, and see how the story end.”

” If people in your life can be considered an achievement, YOU are my life’s biggest achievement. I wish i could give you my eyes to see yourself.”

”Once in your lifetime if you are very lucky, you will meet the person who divides it into the time before you met her and the time after”

”Love is strange. Love is foolish. Love is blind. We don’t get to choose whom we fall in love with, we just fall in love and that’s the irony of LOVE”

”Love is not about changing or saving a person. I think it’s about finding the person who’s already fit.”