1. Felicitations: if you want to congratulate someone in a very different way then use this word which has a meaning “good wishes” and a standout of a crowd. It is a Latin word to give wishes to someone.

2. Cheering up for something: when we cheers for someone / like giving someone a praise if he/ she had done something good and want him/ her to keep doing that then we cheer it 3 times like: hip hooray/hurray.

3 cheers for Mr./ Miss. : this word is similar to hip hip hooray for giving someone praise followed by his/ her name.

4. Kudos : This word is used to congratulate and appreciate someone’s performance. It is a greek word which means praise and mainly used to compliment someone

5. Hats off: this word is used to show someone respect and congratulate. Like we are taking our hat off in the respect of yours.

6. Mazel tov : this main definition or meaning of this words is good luck. This word is a Jewish word used to congratulate or to offer best wishes to someone.