1. Afluenza: Blend/combination of two words ‘affluence’ and ‘influenza’. It is a social disease. People want to earn more money which led them to stressful life (overwork, debt, anxiety) to have the wealth.

2. Brain/Drain: refers to those people who study in one or their own country and then leave their country and join other country for work.

3. Blame Storming: refers to a meeting or a discussion for the purpose of assigning “blame”. One person blaming other ex: why a deadline was missed or a project failed.

4. Edutainment: A perfect blend of “education” and “entertainment”. It is described as a form of entertainment that aims to entertain and educate.

5. Equaintance: refers to the person you know personally only through internet/ online. Online person never met that person.

6. Free Male: Happy, unmarried, independent girl. She mainly avoids the traditional perceived constraint of a relationship.

7. Geezer: this refers to a young soul/ person who is admired for breaking the rules or have his/her own unorthodox style of behavior.

8. Mock Tail: this refers to a non-alcoholic drink that looks like cocktail.

9. Non-versation: it refers to a conversation that seems meaningless or ridiculous.

10. Guesstimate: it is a blend of estimate and guess to reach almost the correct figure.

11. Netizen: A blend of ‘internet’ and ‘citizen’; a person who spends loves to spend time on the internet all day. We can also call him/ her citizen.

12. Staycation: it refers to a holiday where you stay at home and just relax and avoid to visit any nearby place that day.