Some of the best thing about IOS is its stability and powerful security if it is compared with other phone operating systems. A hacker named vincedes3 has exploited a bug in the IOS which can permanently disable the functionality of IOS app for permanent by just sending a piece of text.

This is the second time when a piece of text exploited the bug in earlier this year researchers at cisco talo also discovered a bug i.e. when a malicious TIFF image is received by the IOS then it is killing the messages it is going to receive.

What is the actual Exploit:

The new exploit, discovered by hacker vincedes3, is actually simpler—so simple that it’s kind of amazing it took anyone this long to find it. vincedes3 created a ridiculously complex vCard, a type of virtual business card you use to share contacts on your phone. vincedes3’s vCard has 14,281 lines of code where the average vCard has just around 200-300. When Messages attempts to open the card it crashes. Restarting the phone or the app doesn’t work because, in an effort to be super helpful, Messages always tries to open the most recent text. It puts Messages into a monstrous and inevitable loop.

How to fix :

Thanks to vincedes3 who wishes to point a major mark in how works in IOS. The problem can be fixed by clicking this link, to open the window for sending a new message, pressing cancel and deleting the offending message. you can send yourself a message in Siri, or ask someone else to, which will allow you to open the new message instead of the malicious one.

This exploit affects device which runs on iOS 8 through 10.

Finally if you recive a random vCard via your text app definitely think two times before opening it.