1. Cry baby: these people are always sad, complaining all the time.

2. Dare Devil: someone who do daring things, take unnecessary risk just to seek attention.

3. Cheap Stake: they are known as Stingy people means rich persons not ready to spend money easily.

4. Barrel of Laugh: someone who is very funny person but at the same time annoying.

5. Odd Ball: Strange, weird persons are often called as Odd Ball.

6. Bad Egg: refer to someone as a “Bad Egg” means they cannot be trusted.

7. Eager Beaver: refers to a person who is very hard working and enthusiastic

8. Old as hill: is a person who is living from last long time, very old.

9. Nutty as fruit cake: a person who is actually is crazy, thrilling & exciting.

10. Go-Getter: Someone who is very ambitious and energetic. These people once decide to achieve something; they go out and get it.

11. Arc Chair Critic: someone who loves to criticize all the time. Imagine this person sitting on a armchair and started criticizing, passing comments but doesn’t help it all.

12. Behind the Times: is someone who is very old fashion is referred to as someone who is behind the times. They can’t adopt new things easily because of their rigid nature.