1. On cloud Nine: this idiom is related to success. It is used when Happy & Something wonderful happens in your life.

2. Like dog having two tails: this idiom is used mostly when we express extreme happiness.

3. Full of the joy & spring: This idiom is used when we are full of enthusiastic, energy and happy.

4. Happy Camper: This idiom is used for those people who are Content & They don’t complaint related to life. just awesome in everyway we look them

5. Over the moon: This idiom is used when we are very happy and feels wonderful

6. Paint the town red:this idiom is used when we are going out with your friends & family to have a blastic moments !!!

7. Jump for joy: when people jump for joy, they express their happiness through excited movements and gestures.

8. Having a whale of a time: This idiom is used when we have a very good time in life , have an exciting on fun time

9. Buzzing it refers to excited for something that’s going to happen

10.Happy as a clam it refers to person who is very happy and comfartable

Example: When his parents left for holiday, He was happy as a clam staying alone in the house.

11. In Seventh Heaven it refers to soemthing when we are very extremely level happy

Example: Right now “a beach”, “a book”, “apple mojito cocktail” i am in seventh heaven