Ways to congratulate someone

1. Felicitations: if you want to congratulate someone in a very different way then use this word which has a meaning “good wishes” and a standout of a crowd. It is a Latin word to give wishes to someone. 2. Cheering up for something: when we cheers for someone / like giving someone a praise [...]

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Idioms to describe Happiness

1. On cloud Nine: this idiom is related to success. It is used when Happy & Something wonderful happens in your life. 2. Like dog having two tails: this idiom is used mostly when we express extreme happiness. 3. Full of the joy & spring: This idiom is used when we are full of enthusiastic, [...]

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Adjectives to describe about drinks

1. Alcoholic Drinks: it is kind of drink which contains substantial amount of ethanol informally called as alcohol and in higher doses causes intoxication. 2. Watered Down: these are the drinks which are weaker than the alcoholic drinks as it contains more water which make them a bit tasteless if we drink it. 3.Fizzy: these [...]

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Agree Vocabulary

1. Yes that’s right (Completely agreed) : we use it when we are full agreeing with someone like we can say 100% agree. 2. Yes you are quite right (Sad Scenarios): when we are sure that he is right somehow but some of the words are contradictory and you have something else to say about [...]

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Travel Vocabulary

1. Tour: It refers to journey to various places or we can say a journey for pleasure in which several different places are visited. 2. Journey: refers to the travelling distance. It is the act of travelling from one place to another, especially in a vehicle. 3. Gateway: Short and Sudden Trip is mainly known [...]

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Binomial Pairs in English

1. Short and Sweet definition: we refer it to something that is very fast and to-the-point, excise; of minimum length and no longer than it needs to be example: His motivational speech was short and sweet – he just said what he needed to say and he was very quick about it. 2. [...]

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Trending words in English

1. Afluenza: Blend/combination of two words ‘affluence’ and 'influenza'. It is a social disease. People want to earn more money which led them to stressful life (overwork, debt, anxiety) to have the wealth. 2. Brain/Drain: refers to those people who study in one or their own country and then leave their country and join other [...]

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Idioms to describe People

1. Cry baby: these people are always sad, complaining all the time. 2. Dare Devil: someone who do daring things, take unnecessary risk just to seek attention. 3. Cheap Stake: they are known as Stingy people means rich persons not ready to spend money easily. 4. Barrel of Laugh: someone who is very funny person [...]

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