1. Short and Sweet

definition: we refer it to something that is very fast and to-the-point, excise; of minimum length and no longer than it needs to be

example: His motivational speech was short and sweet – he just said what he needed to say and he was very quick about it.

2. Loud and Clear

definition: we refer it to something that is very clear and very easy to understand

example:please don’t shout on me – I can hear you very loud and clear.
The two drivers could hear each other loud and clear.

3. Back and Forth

definition: we refer it to when we firstly move in one direction and then in another.

example:My Driving driving job consists mainly of going back and forth between the hotel and the airport all day.

4. Make or Break

definition: we refer it to when the result will be either success or failure, nothing between

example:This exam is make or break for me. If i fail then i will have no chance of becoming an army officer.

5. Take it or Leave it

definition: we refer it to (negotitation) your last offer: you are not going to negotiation further or allow the other person to negotiate

example:Eight hundred rupees is my final offer for your guitar– take it or leave it!

6. Sooner or Later

definition: that something will definitely happen, although it is not known when

example:We’re all going to die sooner or later.
If you lie, people will find you out sooner or later.

7. More or Less

definition: it refers to approximately; almost

example:The maintainance to this project will take a week, more or less.

8. Hustle and Bustle

definition: it refers to the alot of noisy activites caused by people mostly in big cities.

example:There’s always lots of hustle and bustle at the market on saturday.

9. Step by Step

definition: it refers to do something methodically , one step at a time

example:Follow the course and step by step you will learn how to create modern and attractive website.

10. Rules and Regulations

definition: it refers to something related to laws, rules, legislation

example:The rules and regulations in prisons are very strict.
There are different rules and regulations for commercial vehicles than for simple passenger cars.

11. Safe and Sound

definition: we refer it something that is not in danger and not injured in any way

example:That 4 year old missing boy returned to his family safe and sound.
The soldier—thought to be dead—was found safe and sound in the deep inside forest

12. Sick and Tired:

definition: When you are extremely annoyed or frustrated with a person or situation; when you are at the point where you will not tolerate the situation anymore and you might get angry or lose your patience.

example:Hey Mike stop talking shit about him i am very sick and tired now.