Several people all over the globe uses Skype everyday for conversation either with the friends, family or office colleagues and one thing which every single one of them want to do is to start the Skype conversation as soon as possible with their loved ones or with others without even registering or downloading the Skype.

This was not possible earlier but now Skype has launched a new feature which will help you to start the conversation as quickly as you need by joining the Skype as a guest and as a guest user you can send the conversation request to the person with whom you want to chat, make voice or video calls.

Microsoft has announced that anyone can now use Skype as a guest user without having to register for an account or even downloading the Skype application itself. The main purpose of this new feature is to allow anyone to start up a quick conversation, even if one of the participants doesn’t have time to sign up for a Skype account.

Here is how:

Step1: Open you browser and type in this link: there you will see two options one is for “Start a Conversation” and other one for “Download the Skype”. Just click in the “Start a conversation”.

Step2: You need to enter your name to be used for that particular conversation with the other use and get started

Step3: Now a page will open which will display your username which you have entered previously for this Skype chat session and the bottom you will see a COPY LINK option you need to copy this link and it will take you to next page.

Step5:In this step you will see 2 main options first is copy link and other one is invite your friend via email for this conversation.

Please invite your friend with whom you want to have the chat session and send him the link via email which you have recently copied. That’s all now wait for the other person to click on that link. He will automatically join you if he clicks on the link.

Enjoy the conversation. You can have chat, voice or video call even as a guest.